Plants vs Zombies Adventures Boosts

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Boost is a special item with specific ability which you can use in battle. You can use it multiple times in a battle but there is a cool down wait time after each use. Each Boost has its own special effect and a corresponding Building to generate it: Plantagon, Workshop, Dave’s Car, Café and Police Station. Taco Cart is a all-in-one Boost producing vehicle and it can produce one of the many Boosts randomly. The special Boost ability can grant you advantage in battle but you can choose only one in a battle unlike Plants which has multiple Tray Slots, so you need to pick the best suited one for particular match.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Boosts – How to get

Boosts can be generated by:

  • Various Boost Buildings which generate specific Boost or Taco Cart which generate random Boosts
  • Collect Mystery Gifts
  • Buy using Gems


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Boosts - Listing

A list of all Plants vs Zombies Adventures Boosts are displayed below:



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