Plants vs Zombies Adventures Coin

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Coins are used mainly to buy limited thing among all the items in the Store, which is Plant Seed. It is needed for other purposes as well such as unlocking new Lots and Send Zombies. In other words, you need to store many coins not to use them if you plan to unlock Lots, or you will be stuck in the game.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Coin – What is the use?

You need Coins for the following purposes:

  • Buy Plant Seed
  • Expand Lots
  • Send Zombies


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Coin - How to get?

You can earn Coins in the following ways:

  • Collect Coins in the building after destined time to generate them
  • Plants are exploded into coins after each Road Trip battles
  • Level up Town Buildings
  • Buy using gems


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