Plants vs Zombies Adventures DJ Zom-B

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DJ Zom-B is a greedy Zombie who likes music and wears a lot of hats and also a medal at once. Even his name sounds funky. Although he looks funky… in bizarre sense… he seems forget to remove the price tag from the hat. He is like a combination of Conehead Zombie and Buckethead Zombie. Wearing many hats can accumulate more protection whereas wearing metallic medal can increase defense immensely although medal is vulnerable to Magnet Plant.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures DJ Zom-B – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures DJ Zom-B including Zombie description, Send Zombie cost, Cloning cost, Cloning time, Toughness, Pea hits, special effect, weakness and first encounter are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures DJ Zom-B stats
Zombie name: DJ Zom-B
Zombie description: He just really loves hats
Send Zombie cost: 1500 Coins
Cloning cost: 400 Coins
Cloning time: 6 hours
Toughness: High
Pea hits: 15 hits (hats, 3 hits each), 9 hits (medal), 8 hits (Zombie)
Special effect: Wear hats and medal for extra protection. Medal can be removed by Magnet Plant
Weakness: Magnet Plant
First appearance: Park-nPerish Level 1


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