Plants vs Zombies Adventures Fog

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Fog is the Zombie equivalent of sun. It is the resources or currency used in battles. Unlike sun, you do not need Fog to place the Zombies since the Zombies come in waves automatically without needing any resources. Similar to sun, you use Fog to power up your Zombies or disable opponent’s Plants


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Fog – What is the use?

The uses of fogs are shown below:

  • Activate Brain Rush (Zombie equivalent of Plant Perk, power up one Zombie’s walking and eating speed) - cost 15 Fog each use
  • Activate Zombie Fog (Zombie equivalent of ZombiFreeze, immobilize one Plant) - cost 15 Fog each use


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Fog – How to get?

The amount of Fog is reset on each battle and the starting value is fixed. Unlike Sun, you cannot produce fog yourself and you need to rely on the limited dropping fog. This is a balance since you do not need fog to create Zombies. You can get sun using ways shown below:

  • Drop from the sky automatically on fixed time interval


For a complete guide on PvZ Adventures Beta, go here


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Now they use fog. Last time I pay so much Coins just to send a zombie attack. Wasted!
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And I have to wait daily for next attack. Or give up gems to send 2 attack. Now, it is totally unlimited...
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