Plants vs Zombies Adventures Imp

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Imp is not a Zombie you can choose, like Conga Dancer, but sub-Zombies coming out from Imposter Zombie and Gargantuar Zombie. He is a little kid that has light weight and run very fast but not hard to be killed. He is faster and tougher than regular Zombie.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Imp – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Imp including Zombie description, Send Zombie cost, Cloning cost, Cloning time, Toughness, Pea hits, special effect, weakness and first encounter are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie stats
Zombie name: Imp
Zombie description: No in-game description for sub-Zombie
Send Zombie cost: -
Cloning cost: -
Cloning time: -
Toughness: Normal
Pea hits: 8 hits
Special effect: -
Weakness: -
First appearance: Mildew Meadow Level 1


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So cute!!! when the head is falling off.

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