Plants vs Zombies Adventures Mall Cop Zombie

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Mall Cop Zombie is a powerful Zombie with both special item which is his segway and shield item, which is his helmet. The segway is very tough and hard to destroy by hits. Also, he does not bother to eat Plants riding on the segway. It grants him slightly quicker movement speed, and a jumping ground for the Zombie to skip over a defensive Plant like Wall-nut. Since the segway is left behind, Zombie movement speed restore to normal and loses a strong protective shield. However, the Zombie stil has a helmet to absorb hits. Mall Cop Zombie is hard to be killed even by using explosives since it requires 2 instant-kill massive damage Plant like Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno to die. Chilly Pepper is more useful here since the freezing effect slows the surviving Zombie on the path.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Mall Cop Zombie – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Mall Cop Zombie including Zombie description, Send Zombie cost, Cloning cost, Cloning time, Toughness, Pea hits, special effect, weakness and first encounter are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Mall Cop Zombie stats
Zombie name: Mall Cop Zombie
Zombie description: He believes in street justice
Send Zombie cost: 7000 Coins
Cloning cost: -
Cloning time: -
Toughness: High
Pea hits: 48 hits (segway), 8 hits (helmet), 8 hits (zombie)
Special effect: With segway, he moves slightly faster, does not eat Plant and jumps over a defensive Plant like Wall-nut, removing the segway. He then walks at normal speed with his helmet as protection. Since segway is very tough, defensive Plant is good in removing it and slowing movement speed at the same time. Requires 2 instant kill explosive to die
Weakness: Wall-nut, Hard-nut
First appearance: Mildew Meadow level 24


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