Plants vs Zombies Adventures Power Flower

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Power Flower is the VIP version of Sunflower and Twin Sunflower. In respect to Sunflower, Twin Sunflower creates 2x Sun while Power Flower Creates 3x Sun. Unlike Twin Sunflower with additional flower, Power Flower does not have additional flower as design but only single flower wearing accessories including headband, green glasses and medal. Although it is very fast Sun producing Plant, Sunflower is usually preferred instead of this VIP Plant which cost Gems. It can be unlocked by completing Cadaver Cavern Level 4.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Power Flower – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Power Flower including Plant description, Sun/Coins/Gems cost, Experience received, shooting damage, shooting range, toughness, buff effect, harvest time, reload/recharge time and unlock requirement are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Power Flower stats
Plant name: Power Flower
Plant description: Makes three times the Sun! Groovy!
Sun cost: -
Coin cost: 200 Coins
Gem cost: 30Gems (buy Plant), 1500 (unlock Seed)
Experience gain: -
Attack damage: -
Attack range: -
Toughness: Normal
Sun production: 3x Sun production
Special effect: Produce Sun
Buff effect: Stun nearby Zombies
Harvest time: 12 hours
Reload/recharge time: -
Unlock requirement: Available after completing Cadaver Cavern Level 4


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