Plants vs Zombies Adventures Rocket Zombie

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Although Zombie is believed to be mindless deadmeat, Rocket Zombie is an intelligent kind and a ‘rocket’ scientist, literally. He insanely bind a rocket on his head and wears a pair of skate shoes to move in incredible speed using rocket as propellant. Rocket goes away after 16 hits leaving the scientist Zombie who can withstand 6 hits. Ice pea can remove the rocket which is  fire-type object with one hit. This Zombie is very effective on short path using Fog to boost fast speed to an unfairly high speed. On the other hand, it also mean Zombie Zapper is very effective to be used on fast moving Zombie like him than other slow moving Zombies. If Rocket Zombie move fast ahead of other Zombies, he can be killed with Zombie Zapper easily since he is isolated from other Zombies. Upon entering from the grave, firewok-like sound will be played to alarm players about his entrance.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Rocket Zombie – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Rocket ombie including Zombie description, Send Zombie cost, Cloning cost, Cloning time, Toughness, Pea hits, special effect, weakness and first encounter are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Rocket Zombie stats
Zombie name: Rocket Zombie
Zombie description: He's practicing SCIENCE!
Send Zombie cost: 2000 Coins
Cloning cost:  
Cloning time:  
Toughness: High
Pea hits: 16 hits (rocket), 6 hits (Zombie)
Special effect: Move fast with rocket, slow down afterwards. Snow Pea/Ice Queen Pea can remove rocket with one hit
Weakness: Snow Pea, Ice Queen Pea
First appearance: Killjoy Park Level 1


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