Plants vs Zombies Adventures Small House

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Small House is a coin-producing Building. Coin producing Building is capable of earning a specific amount of Coins constantly every hour which can be collected at any spot or until it is at maximum. It stop creating Coins when it is full so players has to collect them on time for optimal productivity. It is a stable and constant source of income. 


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Small House – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Small House including level upgrade, Zombuck cost, payout rate, payout maximum, build time and how to unlock are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Small House stats
Level: Zombuck cost Payout Coins Payout maximum Build time Unlock
1 500 Zombuck 70 Coins/hr 210 Coins 5 mins The Plantagon Lot
2 1850 Zombuck 75 Coins/hr 300 Coins 4 hrs The Car Lot
3 5100 Zombuck 85 Coins/hr 510 Coins 6 hrs The Cafe Lot
4 5800 Zombuck 95 Coins/hr 760 Coins 8 hrs The Flaming Lot
5   105 Coins/hr 1050 Coins 12 hrs The Bamboo Lot


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