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VIP items are special and valuable items in PvZ Adventures. They are hard to get and the only mean to get them is to pay Gems although occationally they are awarded via Mystery Gift you collect or given for free available in new Lot reclaimed. In other words, it is the unfair advantage for paid Facebook users. With Brain Ball mode now opened, you can not earn Gems by ranking top in Tournament, but it is difficult and the amount of Gems are limited.

Apart from VIP Plants, there are 2 categories of VIP items you can get in the store. The one and only Resource VIP item is Planter Box which is very valuable. If you have more of it, you can grow more Plants at a time and it helps a lot in Road Trip battles. Other VIP items are mostly in the Decoration category. Decorations are just for display in Town but VIP decoration has special effect of elevating the payout rate of nearby Buildings at certain percentage. Different VIP Decorations has different are of effect too.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Store VIP items - Listing

A list of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Store VIP itemsare shown below:


VIP Resources

VIP Decorations


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