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Sun is the resource or currency used in battles. You need sun mainly to place your Palnts along the path to fight against Zombies. Each Plant has their own Sun cost, the more powerful the Plant is, the more Sun is needed. Sun can also be used in battles to power up one Plant or disable one Zombie temporarily to buy you some time finishing off the Zombies before they eat your Plants or reach your RV/Houses.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Sun – what is the use?

The uses of sun are shown below:

  • Place Plants along the paths
  • Activate Plant Perk (power up one Plant’s damage/defense and range for 5 seconds, stun nearby zombies for 5 seconds or remove Magnet items)
  • Activate Zombie Freeze (immobilize one zombie for 3 seconds)
  • Revive dead Plants


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Sun – How to get?

The amount of Sun is reset on each battle and the starting value is fixed. You can get sun using ways shown below:

  • Drop from the sky automatically on fixed time interval
  • Place Sunflower/Twin Sunflower/Power Flower


For a complete guide on PvZ Adventures Beta, go here


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