Plants vs Zombies Adventures Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea is a non-conventional VIP Plant. Unlike other VIP Plants which are hard-to-get and need to pay cash to purchase Gems to unlock, this Plant can either be unlock using Gems or hire 5 Friends to help you unlock it. It is easier to obtain but the weakest among all VIP Plants. This Plant is created to promote PvZ adventures and get more Facebook users to play the game.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Sweet Pea – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Sweet Pea including Plant description, Sun/Coins/Gems cost, Experience received, shooting damage, shooting range, toughness, buff effect, harvest time, reload/recharge time and unlock requirement are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Sweet Pea stats
Plant name: Sweet Pea
Plant description: Shoots candy bees at zombies
Sun cost: -
Coin cost: 50 Coins
Gem cost: 15 Gems (buy Plant), 300 Gems (unlock Seed)
Experience gain: -
Attack damage: 3 hits (medium)
Attack range: 5x5 squares (medium)
Toughness: Normal
Sun production: -
Special effect: -
Buff effect: Increase range (+2 square) and damage
Harvest time: 1 hour
Reload/recharge time: 1.5 seconds (fast)
Unlock requirement: Get 5 friends to help or pay 300 Gems


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