Plants vs Zombies Adventures The Sunny Lot

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To unlock The Sunny Lot, you need to collect 2 Bee-B Gones and pay 200000 Coins to reclaim the Lot. Upon reclaiming the land, you need to fight agains the new Gas Can Zombie on the waste land. After winning the battle, you get Twin Sunflower as a new Plant. Currently you cannot reclaim this Lot yet since the new Maps to obtain the second Bee-B Gone is lacking.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures The Sunny Lot – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures The Sunny Lot including new Plant and new Zombies to unlock as well as how to unlock or reclaim the Lot are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures The Sunny Lot stats
Lot name: The Sunny Lot
New Plant: Twin Sunflower
New Zombie: Gas Can Zombie
Reclaim requirement: Available after getting 2 Bee-B Gones and paying 200000 Coins


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Where can I get the 2nd bb gone?
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I don't think you can get it now. I am also stuck on this map and have only one Bee-B Gone. There is no way you can get the second Bee-B Gone now. They are still developing the maps so you might be able to get it in the future. I guess we have to wait until the next Map to be released.

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