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Town Lots are the many town are you can possess while playing Twon Building mode. Town Building mode is for you to prepare your Plants, earn Coins and gather Boosts to get ready for Road Trip battles. Yet, do not expect everything to be peaceful since sudden Zombie Sneak Attack may be launced occasionally. You need to build paths to your Buildings/vehicles to turn it into production but at the same time, they are exposed to Zombie attack. Hence, you need to put Plants along the Path to fence your defense.

However, the area to grow Plants and the maximum Building per Lot is limited. Therefore, the players need to expand to new Lots. The complete procedure of doing it is cyclical. You need to first ready your Plants in Town, then travels on a Road Trip to go pass a road block by hiring friends to procedd to a new Map. Next, win all levels or stages in a new Map. Subsequently, you will get a unique item rewarded for finishing a Map and use it together with some Coins to go back to your Town and unlock a new Lot. You have to fight the Zombies first before reclaiming the land and obtain a new Plant as reward. The cycle repeats until you reclaim all the Lots.


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