Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie types

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Zombies are the main villains in PvZ Adventures. They are undeads raised from human corpses live only for the sole purpose of eating human brains, although practically they can eat anything. Plants are planted in the yard to defense against the Zombies from reaching the RV/Houses. In return, Zombie will withstand Plant shot to approach the Plants and eat them to get in the RV/Houses. Different Zombies arise from different strength they have and the external item they use, like helmet, barrel, ice, hats, etc.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie types - Differences compared to Plants

Zombie side rely on Fog compared to Plants which uses Sun. Unlike Plants which requires Sun to be planted beside the path, Zombies come in waves and enter via the Grave automatically without spending any Fog. Fog is merely power up for Zombies to walk or eat faster, or to temporarily disable Plant attack. Also, Zombies are already dead and once killed by the Plants, the body shattered and it is impossible to be resurrected unlike Plants which can be revived using Sun.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie types – Compare and contrast PvZ versus PvZ Adventures

In 3D model of PvZ Adventures, Zombies no longer walk everywhere but follow the paths to reach the RV/Houses. They will completely comsume defensive Plants like Wall-nut just like before but for Plants that are planted beside the path, they will only make Plants wither and it is still possible to revive the withered Plants.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie types – How to get

Al list of all Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie types are shown below:



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