Plants vs Zombies Adventures admin panel hack

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Imagine what if you have the super moderator privilege in playing Plants vs Zombies Adventures. Imagine you are the game developer wih access to admin panel used to test the game and detect the bugs and issues. Imagine you have access to the GM mode and being capable of what you want. With this hack using Cheat Engine, you can achive all these. Indeed, this is a nasty hack trick to use. You can ready Plants at will, use unlimited Boost, unlock stuffs and even win the game instantly with only one click.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures admin panel hack – Step by step

To use this cheat, the steps involved are shown in Plants vs Zombies Adventures admin panel hack procedures below:

  1. Open PvZ Adventures game app. You can use any browser but it is tested working on Firefox.
  2. Launch Cheat Engine. Double click on Cheat Engine.exe. (Optionally, you can try the manual instruction to learn more about the software if you never use it before. )
  3. Open the PvZ Adventures related Flash plugin process on Cheat Engine. You can do this by clicking on the shortcut icon with a computer and magnifying glass, or you can go to File > Open Process. When you see there are 2 Flash process with name like flashplugin...exe/plugincontainer.exe, choose the second one. The game is Flash process so do not choose browser process e.g. Firefox.exe or Chrome.exe.
  4. The game should still be loading by now (10%, 20% or whatsoever). Freeze the loading screen by checking ‘Enable Speedhack’ and set the value to ‘0’. You have to inject a value in loading screen to gain super administrator access. If this step crashes your game, you can skip this but subsequent steps need to done before the loading finishes.
  5. Choose Value Type ‘Array of bytes’. Quickly scan the value ‘ab d5 d1 11 02 00 00 27 48 26 48’. Click on the only result and pull it to bottom record. Change the value to ‘ab d5 d1 11 02 00 00 26 48 26 48’.

    1st code : ab d5 d1 11 02 00 00 27 48 26 48

    2nd code: ab d5 d1 11 02 00 00 26 48 26 48
  6. Once the loading screen is over, you should see an extra menu when the game starts. Cheers!


Plants vs Zombies Adventures admin panel hack – menu features

There are many things you can achieve using the admin panel and the features are shown below. Do not click on ‘Crash game’ or ‘Pause’ because it will compromise the game and you need to refresh again to play. This feature is just for game tester to test the game.


In town

  • Hide debug menu
  • Toggle profiler
  • Cycle mouse text
  • Mute Audio
  • Pause
  • Skip time
  • Show unfinished feature

    o   Test Facebook

    o   Test Facebook request

    o   Send yourself a message
  • Start incursion
  • Complete all plants
  • Skip tutorial
  • Add 10 of each plant
  • Ready plants
  • All battle tray slots
  • Toggle music track
  • Unfog all lots
  • Disable lawnmower run
  • Abandonment flow
  • Crash game


In battle

  • Cheat: Insta-Win
  • Cheat: Surrender
  • -25 seeds
  • +100 seeds
  • Use Dynamite
  • Use Mega Plant Boost
  • Use Zombie Zapper
  • Use Gardening Glove
  • Speed up Zombies


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This is a wicked trick. So unfair!
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What? Insta-Win? No way!!!
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This cheat will spoil the entire game for sure. What's the fun?

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