Plants vs Zombies Adventures basic strategy guide

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PvZ Adventures is a Tower Defense strategy game. You need to work up your mind and think a bit about your strategy to gain an upper hand. The basic plan discussed here is ONLY for those who are really new to TD game and has little idea about playing it. The topic will focus on placement of Plants.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures basic strategy guide – placement of Plants

Plants vs Zombies Adventures basic strategy guide here involve the arrangement of your Plants. Rough common sense in placing the Plant is by attack range. For Plants with short range like Beet and Beetboxer, it is usual to put them as first line of offense. Normal range Plants are next, which includes Plants like Peashooter, Repeater, Beeshooter and more. Very high range Plants like Shamrock, Shamrockstar, Aspearagus and Acespearagus are put way further back. Why? Look it the other way round. What if you put in the reverse order. Them you will have Shamrock or Shamrockstar at first and they hide immediately once Zombie approaching rendering them useless. Moreover, Aspearagus and Acespearagus have very little damage and will die very fast before killing Zombies. On the other hand, short ranged Beet and Beetboxer are far from reach hiding at the back.

Besides take attack range into account, it is a good practice to consider special effects too. Special effect like burn effect of Flaming Pea and magnetic effect of Magnet Plant is best to put on first line of offense for optimal benefit. Melting the ice and removing the helmet first make killing whole lot easier.

Apart from attaking Plants, defensive Plants have to be placed wisely as well. Wall-nut or Hard-nut should be placed as first line of defense, next to your first attacking Plant to protect them. This will buy you more time to stall the Zombies and kill them all before they start eating your Plants. Due to Mall Cop Zombie threat in skipping over defensive Plant, you may put 2 Wall-nut or Hard-nut countinuosly or build more fire power down the Path to slaughter the escaped Zombie. On the other hand, Sun producing Plants including Sunflower, Twin Sunflower and Power Flower are best to put just beside the RV/Houses. It is near the destination and this make them last Plants to go down. This will ensure a stable supply of Sun especially in harsh circumstances. 


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