Plants vs Zombies Adventures Beeshooter

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As the name indicates, this Plant shoots bees instead of peas. It is a VIP version of Peashooter, with double the damage and bigger shooting range. It is deem a powerful Plant in the beginning of the game compared to the available Plants at start but requires Gems to buy the Plant and unlock the Seed. Usually players tend to accumulate VIP plants in Town rather than use them only once in battle due to their scarcity. You can get it after beating Dire Spires Level 3.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Beeshooter – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Beeshooter including Plant description, Sun/Coins/Gems cost, Experience received, shooting damage, shooting range, toughness, buff effect, harvest time, reload/recharge time and unlock requirement are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Beeshooter stats
Plant name: Beeshooter
Plant description: BUZZZZ. Shoots bees at zombies
Sun cost: -
Coin cost: 100 Coins
Gem cost: 20 Gems (buy Plant), 1000 Gems (unlock Seed)
Experience gain: -
Attack damage: 2 hits (high)
Attack range: 7x7 squares (medium)
Toughness: Normal
Sun production: -
Special effect: -
Buff effect: Increase range (+2 square) and damage
Harvest time: 4 hours
Reload/recharge time: 1.5 seconds (fast)
Unlock requirement: Available after beating Dire Spires Level 3


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