Plants vs Zombies Adventures build maze

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If you have played many kind of Tower Defense Game before, you would have known that building a maze is a common strategy in some TD game which allow you to contruct your own path. The path that you construct has to fulfill the requirements that it must connect to the destination (RV/Houses) and it must be passable and not blocked. Hence rationally, one would think to that it is better to build longer path with the given Lot area and a maze idea would be great!


Plants vs Zombies Adventures build maze

The purpose of Plants vs Zombies Adventures build maze strategy is to construct a longer path so that fast moving Zombies like Rocket Zombie, Barrel Zombie or Football Zombie cannot reach your Town so easily. Long Path can buy you some time to shoot the Zombies and finish them off before they reach your Brains. However, this does not mean any long Path is good. There is no point if your Path pattern is not optimized and your Plants cannot attack the Zombies in range. If this happen, you are only wasting time waiting for Zombie to walk on Path without attacking them. So, make sure your Plants are put at the right place. A good candidate for long Path is Shamrock and Shamrockstar since they can cover extrememly wide area and reap the Zombies off bit by bit when they are strolling in your complex maze. 


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