Plants vs Zombies Adventures crash

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Seeing error while playing PvZ Adventures? Experiencing slowness and lag in the game? Scratching your head figuring out what is really going wrong and what to do?


Plants vs Zombies Adventures crash – How to solve

The common error message you may see are:


The page at says:

Sorry, the game encountered an error! Click OK to reload.


Oh no!

...or it may just be a problem with your connection.


Try reloading the game!

Oh no!

Something went wrong.

Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the game.


Zombie ate the Internet!

… or it may be just be a problem with your connection.

Try reloading the game!


Once you experience Plants vs Zombies Adventures crash, the best option is to reload the game. This will refresh the game and start again with optimal condition. If you experience slowness in the game, this may happen on low end PC with lower performance or it may just because you play the Flash game for a long time. A quick refreshing of the page should do. Since refreshing the game is a good solution, an error windows always show when there is a failure asking you to reboot. However, refreshing the game is slow and time wasting. What if it is just a minor problem in your connection and you have reconnected that everything has gone back to normal? The annoying error message is still there stopping you from sontinue playing the game. And once you hit ‘Reload Now’, you need to wait for the whole thing again. One trick to make the error window vanish, is by clicking on your facebook dropdown link that does not bring you to a new page, such as Facebook notification icon. Click on it again and the error window will disappear into thin air. 


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