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Gem is the most precious currency in PvZ adventures game. The amount give at star is limited (100 Gems), and you will need to waste some gems to get past the initial tutorial when you first play the game. You cannot really ‘earn’ Gems but thanks to the newly released Brain Ball mode, you can now earn a few if you win the tournament. Gem is created mainly for paid players to gain advantage in the game e.g. to buy VIP items especially the valuable planter box or to skip quests and the boring waiting time.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Gem – What is the use?

You need Gems for the following purposes:

  • Buy VIP items e.g. Plants, decorations, planter box
  • Skip wait time e.g. in growing Plants, training Zombies and Building Houses
  • Unlock VIP Plant Seeds
  • Skip quests by NPC


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Gem – how to get?

You can earn Gems in the following ways:

  • Pay real cash
  • Rank top in Brain Ball Tournament

Price of the current packages in USD is shown below:

  1. 100 Gems costs $2.00 USD
  2. 260 Gems costs $5.00 USD
  3. 530 Gems costs $10.00 USD
  4. 1,100 Gems costs $20.00 USD
  5. 2,800 Gems costs $50.00 USD
  6. 5,800 Gems costs $100 USD


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