Plants vs Zombies Adventures how to put your Plants

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When you plan on laying your path and putting your Plants, one question that may come into your mind is, should I group all my Plants together or should I put them separately? Another question you might think of is, should I kill the Zombies once they are raised from dead or should I build my army near my House to protect it.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures how to put your Plants –near grave

Different players might have different opinion but for me, killing the Zombies once they spawn from the grave is preferred. The logic is that putting Plants further behind and let the Zombies walk without harm is a waste of the long Path built. Also, if you shoot Zombies early but they still manage to escape, you still have time and space left for you to make up with the losing situation and build more Plants down the road. What is more, the most persuasive reason for this is the existence of Conga Leader and Dancers. The more you delay in killing Conga Leader, the more Conga Dancer will be raised and if you cannot stop them on time, they will outrun your Town.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures how to put your Plants –focus fire

Now, is it good to put your Plants in separated manner? If fire power is separated, it is more likely that Zombies cannot be killed before they reach your Plants and thus eating off your Plants one by one. The already weak offense being separated will get weaker when your Plants gradually go down. Hence, it is a good idea to group all Plants together. Imagine how great it is if you can finish off most kind of Zombies with one single blow, from all Plants in range. Awesome, isn’t it? To illustrate, let’s say you are planning only to use Plants with attack range +3 away, which is 7x7 squares, you can group your Plants in circular Path like below. Turns and corners are good to gather your Plants. See the graphical representation below. The grey color is the Path, with red zone the place to put your shooting Plants and blue zone to put your Wall-nut or Hard-nut. Zombies get hit by some Plants and when they reach the cross zone, it is where all the Plants from red zone can all attack at the same time in range. To keep the Zombies in cross zone and also protect all your Plants down the path, you put a defensive Plant one square are down that zone. With this strategy, you can basically kill most of the Zombies quick.



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