Plants vs Zombies Adventures Jalapeno

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Jalapeno is a one-instance Plant similar to Cherry Bomb. Just like Cherry Bomb, it has instant kill massive damage which will kill all Zombies within the area of effect. It is quite costly to use since it only does damage once but very useful in certain circumstances if used wisely. It is also a life-saver if you are in the edge of losing the game. It is a good practice to keep at least one one-instance Plant in your Tray Slot as last resort. However, different from Cherry Bomb, its area effect is not a square area but the entire path it is put on. You need to unlock it by expanding to The Café Lot to use it.

Note: If you put a Jalapeno on a crossroad, it will explode on all the paths which are connected. This is a very nice trick to remember!


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Jalapeno – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Jalapeno including Plant description, Sun/Coins/Gems cost, Experience received, shooting damage, shooting range, toughness, buff effect, harvest time, reload/recharge time and unlock requirement are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Jalapeno stats
Plant name: Jalapeno
Plant description: Destroys an entire path of zombies
Sun cost: 100 Sun
Coin cost: 500 Coins
Gem cost: 40, 90 or 125 Gems
Experience gain: 30 or 50 EXP
Attack damage: Instant (massive)
Attack range: Entire path
Toughness: Invincible
Sun production: -
Special effect: Explode and kill all Zombies in an area
Buff effect: -
Harvest time: 2 hours, 6 hours or 10 hours
Reload/recharge time: 3 seconds before detonate
Unlock requirement: Available after reclaiming the Cafe Lot


For a complete guide on PvZ Adventures Beta, go here


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I did not know putting on crossroad got such effect. Splendid!
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I am surprised too to see this in action.

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