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Lawn Mower is the last line of defense in PvZ Adventures. When all your Plants fail and Zombies manage to reach the door of the RV/Houses, Lawn Mower is activated to run in a straight line killing all Zombie threats. Bizzare enough, although we may presume it is used to trim Plants, it revives the Plant that it goes through. However, take note that it runs in staright line but not along the path like Jalepeno or Chilly Pepper. This means it may not kill all Zombies on the path if there are turns, which is a different situation compared to PvZ 2D model where Zombies are only walking in straight line. This useful add-on is only one-time use and if the Zombies knock on the very same door ever again, Lawn Mower is not there to protect you unless you put a new one. Every door has one free Lawn Mower each level or stage and additional ones can be place after use. However, after you have passed a level or stage and replay again, Lawn Mower are not provided anymore for free. If you manage to win any game without using any Lawn Mower, you will win the Lawn No-er achievement.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Lawn Mower – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Lawn Mower including Boost name, Boost description, Gem cost, special effect and Building/vehicle that generates it are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Lawn Mower stats
Boost name: Lawn Mower
Boost description: Replenishes your lawnmowers for extra protection!
Gem cost: 50 Gems
Special effect: Kill Zombies or revive Plants in a straight line.
Generated from: Plantagon, Taco Cart


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