Plants vs zombies adventures lot limit reached bugs and glitches

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There is one bug which can be exploit in the beta version. Previously, there is one mistake in game setting. The limit of Plants you can put in your Town is by overall. The limit is not set on individual Lot so one trick you can use is that you can accumulate all Plants in one Lot. This is unfair because you can indeed put a lot of Plants in one Lot which make Zombie Sneak Attack impossible to thriumph against you. Upon realizing this loop hole, the game developer has change the entire Town limit to Lot limit which restrict the total number of Plants per Lot. If you have previously accumulate Plants on one Lot, my advice is not to move them. Or else, once the Plants are removed, you cannot put them back due to Lot limit.


Plants vs zombies adventures lot limit reached bugs and glitches - How to do

The main Plants vs zombies adventures lot limit reached bugs and glitches is this. Since there is now Lot limit, you cannot put more Plants in one Lot. However, I discover one small bug in this game. If you go to  visit neighbors Town, although you are not suppose to put Plants there, the menu of Plants still appear. I tried to put Plants and to my astonishment, this can be done. The question now is, does this action mean I am putting Plants on neighbor’s Town. The answer is no. If you go back to your Town, you will notice that the Plant you just place is now in your town. And, if you visit that neighbor again, the Plant is gone. Using this trick, you can achieve 2 things. First, you can bypass Lot limit. When you visit your neighbor, you put Plants on his or her Lot which has not met the limit and hence, you can have more Plants per Lot once you go back to your Town. Secondly, I also relize that you can put any Plants on your path, not just defensive Plants like Wall-nut. You can put shooting Plants like Peashooter ON the path!!! What is more, Zombie will not eat the Plant on the Path. Sounds too good to be true? Try it out!

Update 20 Jul 2013: This trick does not work now. You cannot bypass Lot limit anymore using this trick. The bug has been patched. 


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