Plants vs Zombies Adventures Peashooter

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Peashooter is the most fundamental and iconic Plant in PvZ Adventures game. It is a pure shooting Plant with no other fancy special effect like ice freeze, fire burn, instant kill or whatsoever. It is a starting Plant given for you to begin with and hence does not require you to beat a Map and reclaiming a Lot to unlock.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Peashooter – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Peashooter including Plant description, Sun/Coins/Gems cost, Experience received, shooting damage, shooting range, toughness, buff effect, harvest time, reload/recharge time and unlock requirement are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Peashooter stats
Plant name: Peashooter
Plant description: Shoots peas at zombies
Sun cost: 100 Sun
Coin cost: 25 Coins
Gem cost: 5 Gems
Experience gain: 3 EXP
Attack damage: 4 hits (low)
Attack range: 5x5 squares (medium)
Toughness: Normal
Sun production: -
Special effect: -
Buff effect: Increase range (+2 square) and damage
Harvest time: 1 minute
Reload/recharge time: 1.5 seconds (fast)
Unlock requirement: Available at start


For a complete guide on PvZ Adventures Beta, go here


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Ohh no! I feel like shooting pee!
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Is this a joke?
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Yes, it is.
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Now that you've mention it, I need to TTtinkle!
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I wonder where the peas come from. Its unlimited!
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This plant is so cute!

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