Plants vs Zombies Adventures Plant types

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Plants are the main weapon in PvZ adventures against the villains, Zombies. The players are mainly in human side that use Plants to defense their RV/Houses from Zombie invasion, although occasionally you can swap role and use Zombies to attack other players. In this tower defense style game, most plants are capable of shooting and killing Zombies before they eat your Plants and reach your RV/Houses to get your Brain. Sun is collected to place normal Plants on the battle field.

Plants have 2 categories: normal Plant and VIP Plant. Normal Plants are relatively weaker, with lower damage, range, effect, Sun production, etc. VIP Plants are more powerful and quick to be placed on battle field since they need no Sun. VIP Plants have unfair advantages but are given only occasionally and requires Gem to buy the Plants or unlock the Seeds.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Plant types – differences compared to previous PvZ

The main concept of the tower defense game is almost similar to the first generation PvZ except a few new ideas being introduced. Hence, the Plants also behave slightly differently:

The main difference is the introduction of 3D model and Zombies no longer walk in straight line. Path concept is injected and Zombies can only walk on Paths and Plants can only be placed right beside the paths but not anywhere. Also, Plants cannot be placed on the path except defensive plants such as Wall-nut.

Another concept is growing Plants which requires time to complete just like other Facebook game such as ChefVille which you need time to cook dishes. The aim is to encourage players spending more time playing the game. Due to this concept, you can only bring along limited number of Plants on Road Trip, compared to infinite number of Plants in PvZ as long as you have enough Sun. However, the number is infinite for paid players since you can buy Plants using Gems infinitely, as long as you pay the cash.

The final change is that although Plants are eaten like before, it stay at the same spot being dead but not consumed. Players can revive the Plants after a small cool down period and use Sun to resurrect the Plant.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Plant types – how to get?

There are a few methods to get Plants:

  • Grow in your Town using coins. Wait for it to grow, or use Gems to bypass wait time. Bring a set number of Plants on your Road Trip (5-7 different Plants at maximum). You cannot grow VIP Plants but need to buy and unlock the Seeds using Gems
  • Buy straight using Gems without Growing. You can buy in Town or even during battles after you run out of Plants.
  • Receive Plants from Neighbors at no cost using Mystery Gift. If you already have maximum Plants, you will only receive negligible amount of 5 Coins.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Plant types – list of all Plants

A complete list of all Plants vs Zombies Adventures Plant types are shown below:


Normal Plants

    VIP Plants


    For a complete guide on PvZ Adventures Beta, go here


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