Plants vs Zombies Adventures Road Trip mode

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Road Trip mode is the main battle mode in PvZ adventures. It is the very mode which you should enjoy using your strategies to win all the levels or stages one by one. After sufficient preparation in Town building mode, you bring along your fully grown Plants to engage in battles on Road Trip. In each level or stage, you will use your Plants to battle against the Zombies. You need to protect your RV/ Houses from the reach of Zombies. Zombies will only walk on prebuilt Path(s) and your mission is to place the Plants you have right beside the Path to shoot and kill the Zombies. There are many waves too and you need to survive until the end. You have limited Battle Tray Slots which mean among all the Plants you brought along, you need to choose limited amount of Plant Types which you think are the most effective on the current stage and enable them in the battle. You are also limited to only one Boost per battle. However if you run out of Plants for a certain Plant Type during battle, you can add Plants instantly if you pay Gems. There is a Lawn Mower on the end of each path for free but only kill Zombies for one instance. If you run out of Lawn Mower and Zombies reach your RV/House, you lose the match.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Road Trip mode - Different maps

There are many Road Trip Maps in Plants vs Zombies Adventures Road Trip mode: The Boonies, Dire Spires, Cadaver Cavern, Park-n-Perish, Killjoy Park, Sweaty Palms, U of Z, Frostbite Falls, Mildew Meadow, Grey Matter Gardens, The Sever Glades and The Sand Dooms. There will be more Maps released on the way. Each Map has a number of landmarks which are battle levels or stages which you need to win to complete the Map. Officer Ron will set a road block upon completing a Map and you need to hire more friends or pay gems to proceed to the next Map. Read more about Road Trip maps.


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