Plants vs Zombies Adventures secrets: Trick to put plants anywhere away from the path

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In PvZ Adventures, the game is not the same as other Tower Defense game in two aspect. One is you can only put Plants directly beside the Path but not everywhere. Another one is your Plants are vulnerable to Zombie attack unlike other TD games which the towers are untouchable. This restriction will halt you from putting Plants at ideal location and they are easily knocked down by enemies. Image how nice would it be if you can put the Plants anywhere and not to be bitten by any Zombie.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures secrets: Trick to put plants anywhere away from the path – How to

This is one Plants vs Zombies Adventures secrets I have found. It is a trick to put plants anywhere away from the path. Note that this is not a cheat or any sort and does not require to download any software to do. I am only exploiting the loophole of this game, using some logic I can think of. In the game, I notice that I can only put the Plant beside a Path but at the same time, I can remove the Path once I put the Plant there. The question pop up in my mind is, what happen to this Plant now? After some experiment, I realize that although the ‘No Path’ sign is shown above the Plant, it still works. It can attack Zombies! Using this concept, you can place Plants everywhere, by first laying Path to put Plants at best position at your free will. Subsequently, you just have to remove the Path and build a new Path. You just have to make sure two thing. One, the new Path should be in shooting range since your Plants is further now. Two, The new Path should not touch your Plant so that they will not be biten by Zombies.

Note that this is obviously a very unfair exploit of the game. It is very likely that the game developer will fix this once it is discovered. Good luck!


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