Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode

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PvZ adventures town building mode is the default mode you go straight into every time you go into this app and start playing the game. This entire town belongs to you and you have full control to build constructions, decorate the environment, lay paths purchase items, grow plants and customize the entire look and feel. This is a preparation ground for you to build buildings to earn coins and even boosts which will help you in battles. Yet occasionally, there will be automated zombie attacks on your hometown so it is up to you to defend it using your plants.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode - Lots

You town made of many lots but you need to proceed on the Road Trip to unlock all of them. Basically, you will unlock one lot of empty space for each Road Trip map you manage to finish. With more lots, you have more space to construct buildings and unlock new plants when you first explore on the lot space. See more topics on Town lots here.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode - Buildings

The purpose of constructing building is to get Coins. Some special buildings or vehicle will give you Boost as well. Buildings can only be placed on specified places on each lot and the number of building spots is limited, unlike other things you purchase in store which can be places everywhere on the lot. You cannot earn Zombuck here but acquire it on Road Trip. Gems, on the other hand, are bought using real cash. See more topics on Town Buildings here.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode - Plants

You need plants in battles, whether in Town Building mode while Zombie Sneak Attack, or in Road Trip stages. To grow them, you need Planter Boxes, which are given a few when you start and given occasionally in new Lots. You can buy it too but it is a VIP item and you need gems to purchase. You can unlock more plants to grow when you pass more levels in Road Trip and expand your Lots. You also need to put the fully grown plants along the path you build to defend your Houses/Brains. See more topics about Plant types here.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode - Zombies

Town building mode is not entirely a relaxing mode because computer-controlled Zombie Sneak Attack is launched occasionally and you are given 30 seconds to do final preparation putting plants if you have not done so. There is usually only one stage for this computerized attack which is easier to win compared to players’ Send Zombies Attack. See more topics about Zombie types here.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode – Store

The store in the menu is a place for you to go shopping. Items in the store are categorized into:

  • Specials
  • Buildings
  • Plants
  • Paths
  • Decorations
  • Resources

Buildings, Plants and Paths are self-explanatory. Specials are attractive deals and best sellers offered for you to buy items in packages. Resources are meant for you to buy Coins, Zombucks and Planter Box using gems. Decorations are things you can put on your lots. Some of the decorations are just for display, while VIP-decorations have special effect of giving payout bonus of various percentages and area of effect. See more topics about Store VIP items here.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode - NPCs


In Plants vs Zombies Adventures Town Building Mode, there is always plenty of people called NPC  (Non-Player Characters) walking around automatically. Most of them are just displays except characters like Crazy Dave, Burt and Matilda who are narrators of stories and they will give you quests to pass for rewards. The NPCs will talk upon clicking on them and sometimes, they will tell you valuable info in gameplay. NPCs quotes:

  • ABP. Always Be Planting!
  • All plants can be buffed in combat!
  • Be sure to guard our homes!
  • Help others and theyll help you.
  • I carry Sunflowers everywhere.
  • Lawnmowers add extra protection.
  • Make town paths longer, trust me.
  • More houses means more coin!
  • My brain hurts.
  • Planter Boxes are really important.
  • That tickles!
  • When traveling always take plants with you!
  • Where do zombies spend Zombucks?
  • You can never have too many plants.
  • You should place plants in town for defense.
  • You should pretty up the town.
  • You should try different plant combinations.
  • Zombie Zappers stop all zombies for 10 seconds.


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