Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie Zapper

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Zombie Zapper is a very powerful Boost like Mega Perk, but it affects Zombies instead of Plants. It is an enhanced version of Zombie Freeze which you can use by harvesting the power of Sun and click on one Zombie to immobilize him for 3 seconds. However, Zombie Zapper is much greater being able to stop all Zombies in the battle field and the duration is as long as 10 seconds. Since it is very effective, the cool down wait time after each use is also long, i.e. 45 seconds. Therefore, you need to choose wisely when to use, ideally once at start when you have not place enough Plants and need it to buy you some time harvesting sun, and another one at final wave when a full army of toughest Zombies arrive and you need to stop time killing them once and for all.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie Zapper – All stats

All the stat of Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie Zapper including Boost name, Boost description, Gem cost, special effect and Building/vehicle that generates it are shown in the table below:


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombie Zapper stats
Boost name: Zombie Zapper
Boost description: Stops all zombies for 10 seconds!
Gem cost: 50 Gems
Special effect: Stun all Zombies for 5 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown wait time.
Generated from: Workshop, Taco Cart


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