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One of the money currencies you need in PvZ Adventures is called Zombuck. Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombuck is used to buy most items in the game while the rest are purchased using Coins. Yet, it is least valuable because essential stuff like unlock Lots needs Coins and VIP plants need Gems but not Zombucks.


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombuck – What is the use?

There are many things you can purchase using Zombuck:

  • Buy Buildings
  • Upgrade Buildings
  • Buy paths and decorations


Plants vs Zombies Adventures Zombuck – How to get?

You can earn Zombucks in the following ways:

  • Win levels or stages in Road Trip Maps (main way)
  • Win other kinds of battles e.g. Zombie Sneak Attack, or Send Zombies to neighbors
  • Drop automatically from killed Zombies in battle (rare)
  • Beat a Road Trip Map
  • Level up your Buildings/Houses/Vehicles
  • Collect from Treasure Chest
  • Complete quests from NPCs
  • Buy using Gems


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